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Concept and 3D Design

Visualise your home,
the 3D experience

Developing your design

From concept

to virtual reality

All design projects start with the conceptual stage and in-depth discussions about your requirements. We will talk about the space, the look and feel of the rooms involved, the external architecture, as well as the flow and connection.

You might want the architectural design to include an open-plan kitchen with a connected dining and sitting area, opening onto a patio. You might have the perfect plot for a new build or want to bring more natural light into your home. Or you might simply need concept ideas of how to transform the curb appeal and appearance of your home. 

Whatever your particular project requires, we have the experience to bring great design options to it. All our designs are bespoke, because your project brief, personality and property are also unique. Our diverse design portfolio is testament to our understanding of every client and the individual potential and setting of every property.

The investment you make in a home transformation project or new build is significant, so we work with you to maximise available space, minimise redundant space, and add value to your property. Importantly, it also creates a home that brings joy, wellness and harmony to whoever lives there.

Creating your
3D reality 

Working with 3D designs at the concept design stage means you are involved and informed from the very beginning. By using virtual reality technology, producing 3D designs, you'll understand our design ideas through this immersive 3D experience technology.

Watch the video below of Sam, our Architectural Designer, talking about 3D technology and the interactive experience in more detail.

We start with a three dimensional point-cloud scan of your house or land, before using the latest software to create virtual lines and plans of a 3D model. From here we start to add the design magic using our creative process and expertise as visual architects. We manipulate external architectural forms to fit your property and combine this with considered floor layouts, focusing on flow, light and proportioned spaces.

We then invite you to visit the virtual environment online, using the latest immersive technology, before adding full realism to the 3D virtual architecture presentation. There you can view and experience the design by moving within and around the model on a laptop or phone screen, or by using virtual reality technology.


3D benefits for you

Our clients find this experience an amazing opportunity; it's both hugely exciting and beneficial. Traditional 2D plans and elevations don’t always provide much help with visualisation or allow for a full exploration of ideas. That's why we champion our immersive virtual reality and 3D models; they allow you to experience the look and feel of the home and see how the house fits together internally, before it's built. 

The 3D images and presentation allows you to move between rooms, where you are able to look around with 360 degree views, as well as understanding how your home will look from the garden or street.

The net benefit is that you will be able to make confident decisions during the design process and be armed with the vision of the end result before we start the build.

Got a question?

Frequently asked

How will I participate in the design process?

You will be placed at the centre of the design process, although we will suggest, you will decide. We will have an in-depth design meeting at the start and talk discuss all design iterations where you will be able to ask questions and give feedback or ask for changes. We will chat by phone and email, or by zoom call or office meeting. Additional site/home meetings may also be included

How will I be able to view the 3D virtual model?

We can send you an online link to view the model online, on a laptop, phone or tablet. Inside the model, you can view in 360 degrees by panning your phone or tablet, in a similar way to virtual reality, but with more detail. ON your laptop you will need to scroll with your mouse. You will see white rings, which show you where you the next waypoint from where can view the next 360-degree view. The images will be in HD/4K resolution.

Is 3D design more costly?

3D Design takes more time to set up and uses more complex software and hardware, which adds cost to the process. But our clients that chose our 3D services find it well worth it, as it results in better-informed design.

How would you start to design a new home?

With a new home, there is a whole more to consider before starting a design. Firstly, an in-depth site analysis of the land, considering an evaluation of what may be allowed by planning. In-depth conversations include questioning, what you need and how you would like to live. It's worth noting that a custom new home will give you the opportunity to live in new and exciting ways that you have yet to experience. Visualisation of new concepts and appearances usually requires 3D modelling in order for you (and us) to fully appreciate a new form and finish.

What happens if I want to make changes?

Making changes during the design process is anticipated. But after you have gained planning permission it's worth noting that you can still change, but changes to external appearances may be allowed by an “Amendment” application, but enlargements will usually require a whole new planning application

I need to save money, should I cut costs on the design work?

Building work is expensive, but great design can not only add value by creating inspiration spaces but also reduce costs by efficient space design and working efficiently when transforming existing house structures. Reducing budget and time on the actual design is a false economy, efficient delivery of the construction is the key to gaining value.

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