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Building Regulations

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The Building Regulations are national legislation to ensure all building work conforms to minimum standards for sixteen technical areas, including structural stability, fire safety and energy efficiency. Technical plans are required to be submitted and passed by a building control department before building work starts.

We pride ourselves on excellent comprehensive building regulations plans, which are widely favoured by local building contractors. Building regulations plans also serve as the basis for builders' quotes and contract documents, as well as on site construction plans.

We make the process as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. And since we are also qualified energy assessors, it's at this stage that we will ensure your home is specified to the highest practical standards for smart and sustainable energy-efficient design. We also have great working relationships with a variety of structural engineers and will choose the best suited to your project.

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We pride ourselves on producing informative and precise large-scale construction drawings, considered to be the best by many trusted local building contractors in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire. 

As a result we receive many recommendations from builders who say they prefer to work with us over other architectural firms, because of our building regulations plans and the support we give to avoid onsite problems and delays.

Not only do we produce technically excellent plans, but our superior construction knowledge and willingness to try new things, means that we are able to achieve design features that some others aren't able to create. This is borne out of our exciting and varied designs using innovative solutions.

Building Regulations may not be exciting, but the benefits you will gain from having our technically correct and accurate plans over poorly executed ones, cannot be underestimated.

Got a question?

Frequently asked

Will you manage the Building Regulations application for us?

Yes, we will gain quotes for the building regulations application, then make and manage the application for you on your behalf.

Do you provide paper plans for our builders?

Yes, we provide large-scale drawing sets on recycled A1 paper. We do not charge for the first 2 sets.

Can building regulations applications be refused?

In short, its never happened to us. Although if you were to apply to the local authority, they can refuse applications that have insufficient information or show a contravention of the Building Regulations. We use private ‘Approved Inspectors’ with whom we work collaboratively with to ensure the plans are passed prior to works starting

Who enforces the Building Regulations?

The building control department with whom we have made the application will make the necessary site inspections in ensure the Building Regulations are complied with. Work that does not comply with the Building Regulations can receive enforcement measures. By gaining plans approval before starting and by using quality builders, enforcement measures will not be required.

What information do Building Regulations plans contain?

The Building Regulations plans that we produce are tailored to provide the builder with the required information for them to construct. We place most of the information on the plans as annotations for easy reading and comprehension by builders on site. Our plans will include foundation and drainage layouts, dimensioned layout plans, structure layouts, detailed sections and more. Of course, the plans need to pass Building Regulations, but for us, that’s usually a formality.

Do we need to get an engineer?

No, we will select and instruct a suitable engineer for the project, usually mid-way through the building regulations process. We send them draught drawings to work off, with our preferred structural arrangement. (We consider structures early on in the design process). Once the engineer's design comes back we will update the design details into our plans, to ensure an integrated design of all the components.

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