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Our unique and proven design process transforms your vision from inception to completion, taking the stress and complexity out of the journey.

You will always be at the centre of every decision we make together. We want you to be excited and confident of the collective vision we're bringing to life. 

Our bespoke architectural services all follow the same overall process from start to finish, with technical services tailored to suit your project, such as sustainability assessments or 3D visualisation.

Watch the video below to hear our founder, Philip Wadge, talk you through our design process in more detail.

Experts in

bespoke design

Our comprehensive architectural design process takes your dreams and turns them into a conceptual design, the next step is completion, and finally the exciting day comes when you get to move into your newly completed home.

Click on the four process pages below to learn more about our overall architectural process stages.


Concept and
3D Design

Considered, inspirational and intelligent drawings add exceptional value to any design-focused project. To help you make the best decision for your future home, we also use the latest 3D visualisation technologies, so you can experience and understand your dream home before it's even built.



Planning can be a headache at times, so we manage and simplify the planning process on your behalf. Using our planning services experience, professional assessments of requirements, excellent planning relationships and knowledge of how to overcome obstacles, we ensure we maintain our impressive success rate.



We pride ourselves on producing the most accurate technical design and informative large scale construction drawing sets, used to communicate construction methods and details to the builder, and to gain Building Regulation approval. It's important to get this stage right, which is why you can rely on our proven technical and design expertise.



This final and most important stage turns your dreams into reality. Choosing a good builder is critical to the outcome of your project. We can tailor our support at this stage to suit your individual requirements, whether that's recommending good builders, managing a tender or administering the construction contract from start to finish.

Frequently asked questions

What happens at the initial meeting?

In your initial consultation meeting we will discuss and consider a wide range for areas, from your project requirements, planning considerations, your property's potential and possible design solutions. The visit will also allow us to consider the optimum level of design services for your project and and enable us to send you a fixed fee quote for our architectural services for your consideration later.

How long will it take to complete the drawings?

Every project will of course be different based on the scale and complexity of your project. Scaled architectural drawings are time consuming, but we often estimate 3 weeks from survey to initial design plans. The process of design refinement can be quite variable, but typically allow a month or so. Next comes planning application, which usually take 8-12 weeks. After planning we move on to the Building Regulations phase for working construction drawings, this can take another month or two, to produce fully detailed plans integrated with our engineer's structural design. Overall this usually equates to at least 5 months.

When should I hire an architect?

The sooner the better, at least to the extent of finding out what might be possible for you. An initial consultation will provide you with a lot of information and ideas as well as budget parameters. If you are not sure if you are ready to commit and would simply like to consider the options available to you we can provide you undertake a feasibility design report, providing you with sketched floor plan options and ideas of architectural appearance by sketched or photoshop.

How do we find reliable builders?

Local building contractors are usually best source by direct recommendation. If you know family and friends who have had work done locally and we please with the process and end result ask them who their builder was. We of course can recommend builders for your project from our pool of trusted local contractors. You want to confident your builder will look after you and complete a well designed project on time and on budget.

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