Garden Room Dream

Project description

This project is a demonstration of how modern materials and contemporary design can truly break down the barriers between house and garden for a complete country life.

Phil and Sue moved into this pretty flint cottage with a mind for doing something exciting with the garden and the house. The project involved renovating and reconfiguring the whole house to create a modern country living experience, and of course replacing the conservatory with something more usable and stylish. I picked up on their move to create a Japanese inspired garden, when they turned the small swimming pool into a landscaped carp and wildlife pond, hence came the idea of the projecting Japanese influenced roof, the copper was firmly Phil and Sues idea and we work really well together to hone the design.

Planning was a breeze, but the hidden steel cantilevered frame was not! With some out of the box thinking from the engineers and careful planning and measurement; the whole frame, weighing several tonnes, was erected in little more than 2 hours. The timber roof structure and then sliding glass walls followed. We created a detail for the frames to be hidden within the back wall of the cottage, which was reconstructed by the builder with fantastic exposed brick and flint work – the concept of a transparent box leaving the beauty of the cottage materials on full show really works. This project really shows off just how the boundaries between house and garden can be broken down.

Project details
  • Date Created:

    April 5, 2020

  • Client:

    Phil & Sue

  • Location:


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