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Philip Wadge

                         Rear Extension Timber Cladding

Since the beginning of 2020 we have been collaborating with VIA5D, a new ground-breaking CGI architectural visualisation company. Dominic Cox from VIA5D has been working with his small expert team of architectural technologists and computer programmers to produce a truly innovative software package and service to help clients visualise projects from initial design inception through to the finalised design.
Certain types of architectural design, especially contemporary, really benefit from this service as contemporary architecture often involves 3D forms and details that often break down the corners of traditional façade-based architecture.
What VIA5D has produced is a software that will render a basic 3D model, (provide the material, details, realistic lighting and context too), instantly. So what's new? Well if I tell you that traditional software packages can take upwards of 8 hours to produce single images, this has previously limited advanced visualisation services to final designs on expensive developments only.
With VIA5D we can produce great images from many angles and even video flybys right at the start of the design, as our designs develop, new images can be generated easily, without costing the earth. There will be options of increasing detail and fidelity further once the design has been finalised. In addition, the software developed has the unique capability of automatically populating the landscape around your property, based on automatic data inputs from ordnance survey and satellite images.
To our knowledge no other 3D architectural visualisation artists offer this service or have such sophisticated software at their disposable. We are therefore proud and very excited to be the first UK architectural design firm to be trialling this innovative system and service. We will be posting more exciting examples of our visualised projects over the coming months and bring you updates of the continuing VIA5D software development.


                       Charred Timber Cladding Garage

                        Rear Rendered Extension

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