Our planning success rate tops 98%!

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Philip Wadge

Yes, our current success rates tops 98%!

Getting planning permission for domestic extensions is usually very straightforward for most single storey side and rear home extensions. 2 Storey extensions can require more sensitivity and understanding of the planning constraints, but is nethertheless straight forward for us as experts in this field.

What about the neighbours?

A popular misconception is that you will need the blessing of your neighbours in order to achieve it, or indeed that you as a neighbour to proposed development, that you have a strong hand in blocking neighbourly extensions (such comments are actually rare). Only comments that raise an issue of sufficient negative impact as defined in planning guidance will be given credence, but planning officers will usually have spotted such issues anyway. And in any case with our applications, we will have raised such issues with you first during the design process and avoided or minimised them.

Not as simple as Grant or Deny...

The other popular misconception is that there is a straightforward Grant or Deny outcome based on the design information presented in the first instance. This again is not the case and if the planning case officer does raise an issue, for instance excessive size, then there will always be the option to justify, redesign or negotiate a favourable outcome. Maintaining a good working and respectful relationship with the planners is often key in this area and is at the heart of how we approach the planning application procedure.

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